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Richest Actress, Lizzy Anjorin Acquires New Range Rover

Richest Actress and successful business mogul, Lizzy Anjorin has acquired a gigantic new Range Rover Jeep to her fleet of vehicles appreciating her sugar daddy for such unimaginable favour. See what she wrote:

That moment when your Sugar Daddy keeps surprising you with things that is bigger than you.. He keeps spoiling me as if I have no rival. He loves me tori torun... When I am afraid of doing it big(because I know I'm a small girl) He loves giving it to me in a bigger form<left and right, front and back> and that is why I will never hold back to give it to Him in a grand style; trust me, I will raise my hand, bend down, kneel down and sit on it very well(I mean sitting on my praying mat and do my Salat very well🤪) so, may God give me grace to do it regularly, bcos the Man in charge of changing my shame to glory doesn't take codeine at all...

Maami, I hope you are smiling right now?? rest on iron mother...
I can see that you don't go clubbing in heaven, ose maami, oya chop kiss for not drinking reflon in the grave.. barely 65days that I did your remembrance, mo ti n ri ise owo yin maami.. I have to thank my Sugar Daddy once again, obviously for the health, for the talent, for blessing and upgrading me from " RANGE ROVER EVOQUE to latest "RANGE ROVER AUTOBIOGRAPHY" because without Him I can never achieve this.‎.. Oya let's expose our sugar daddy's name jooooor.. Mine is "HIGHEST CHIEF ASEGAN DOGO" what's yours??

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