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I am Tired of Buhari Running this Country - Actress, Lizzy Anjorin

Successful Entrepreneurial Businesswoman, Lizzy Anjorin has made her public opinion concerning the present governance in our dear country (NIGERIA). See what she said:

NA BEG I BEG OO Please o my people, my office is at Ikota Shopping Complex. I need a Voters Card and where is the nearest place to get one? 

Please Mr President, all State Governors, Senators, House of Reps Members, Mr chairman/Chairperson of all the Local Government in the country and Councillors of every ward should make voters card available everywhere like Condoms, because voters card registration center  come scarce like menstration after disvirgin...the thing dey do me one kind sha...our vote is our future ..LAILA ILAHU OR BLOOD OF JESUS ..ERIWO YA ..can not vote oo...
please make voters card available for people that will vote with their conscience not  people that will be paid to vote for the wrong candidate all because of a cup of garri...stomach infrastructure. Because, I realise that those that determine leaders are innocent people that are been tricked with peanuts during #500 , a tin of rice, bread onibejietc..

Please, we need voters registration center everywere so all of us go dey form ..during election you no go come out ....after election you go come dey cry up and down when things are not going fine. please, help me with any nearest voters card registion  center ..mio shako ejor..aja koni koyin lomo je..ABEG MY BRAIN STILL DEY WORK????.....HNM FAMS..

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