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"Go into Politics " - Oluwo of Iwo Land Advises all Youths

Oba Abdul Rasheed Akanbi ( Oluwo of Iwo Land ) has advised all youths to join Politics and stop ranting so it could be the permanent solution to the hardship in the country.

"If you are a Degree, Diploma or High School  holder, youthful political thug, you are telling yourself you can't rise beyond that status. Go in to politics.... think twice and turn a new leaf, you can be and better than your political father. Take charge of your life for better today. The ball has not crossed the bar.
Youths should stop sleeping at the expiration of their time. It is now or never. Take charge of political power and make better laws of modern merit. Or you look and complain while ex carpenters, pepper sellers, roadside mechanics or petty meat sellers make your laws for you"

Oluwo of IWOLAND, Emperor Telu I, ALASE LORI ORISHA, Natural Ruler of Iwoland

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