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Wow! Pastor Johnson Suleiman Gives 15 Libya Returnees 4Million naira

Senior Pastor of the Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleman recently recieved 15 Libya returnees in his church and gave them N4 million they will share and the money used to start their lives again gleefully.

While advising the returnees, the clergyman berated Nigerians in Libya that are reportedly conniving with the Libyan soldiers to maltreat their fellow nationals. There have been reports that some Nigerians were actually working with the Libyan military to subject their fellow Nigerians to severe maltreatment.

According to Apostle Suleman, Nigerians love strangers more than they love themselves. He also warned Libyan soldiers not to travel out of their country because what they did to Nigerians will be done to them as well.

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