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Maturity is not by AGE -Alao Malaika Replies Pasuma

The ubiquitous news around the media raging about Pasuma quoting that Sule Alao Malaika is not his friend but a boy to him,as lawfully demanded an humble response from Malaika quoting that "MATURITY IS NOT BY AGE" except those who God bestowed knowledge to.


  1. Pasuma shouldPasuma himself.I had encountered with Chief Commander Ebenezer like twice, he's an embodiment of humility. He respects both young and old. How can a 50 years of man referred to a 45 years old man as his boy and not his friend. That's balderdash! KSA is 71 years but he performed at Pasuma 50th birthday. KSA is roped enough to be Pasuma's father. I'm sure KSA honoured him for free. K1 is 60 he also performed at his birthday and he never referred to Pasuma as his boy. Pasuma should come down from his camel. Pride goeth before destruction.

  2. I like him as person but he should vet his words before releasing it to the general public. Malaika is a great achievers too.been humble doesn't make him Pasuma's boy. Celebrities respect their fans and admirers.