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Actor,Yomi Fash Lanso Requests for Christmas Gifts from fans

Veteran actor,Yomi Fash Lanso has made a public request for Xmas Gifts from his loyal and truthful fans across the world on his IG page. See what he requested for below:

Please, somebody is trying to cause false alarm and despondency by spreading a very dangerous rumors about me. Let us respect each other on this my wall and be well guided before you make conclusions about me please. I have it on good authority that someone is telling people that I have stopped accepting CHRISTMAS GIFTS. I therefore would like to categorically state that at no point did I ever attempt to stop accepting, contemplated the idea, let alone even dreamt about it. 
Those are lies fabricated by my enemies who want to tarnish my good reputation & prevent my friends like you from buying me gifts this festive season. After all said, I would like you to note the following so that you can be duly guided when choosing my gift.

If you are giving me hamper: I don't want Bournvita because it makes me sleep a lot. I prefer Milo (Baba Sala) because I need lots of energy. Three Crowns milk nauseates me, I prefer Peak evaporated milk (Holland), its works well for my body. I don't want Milo Sardine o, Titus sardine (original brand) is OK. Granulated sugar purges me too, St. Louis cubed sugar is better. 2 bottle of brut champagne to wash it down is essential. 
Then don't  buy value products Cornflakes, I prefer Kelloggs. Dont buy beta malt oo, please Malta Guinness is better because it's good for my skin. Others included but not limited to Mango & Pineapple juice, cranberry juice, farm fresh yoghurt. ONLY

If you are giving me food items Please note: 
I love fresh fruits (Kiwi, Raspberry, Strawberry, Olive, Grape, mango, Pear, Plum) I don't want oranges. 
5 crates of newly laid eggs from free range chicken. 
5 live chicken (home breed please - adiye oko)
5 Guinea fowl (adiye awo).
1 big he - goat ( obuko).
5 Life Turkey 
1 Big Ram or ( Wuda)
5 Sunflower linseed oil.
5 10kg bag of basmatti rice. 
Please, don't bother yourself to make 'Ogi' for me, Hollandia custard(6 bags) is OK for me. ONLY

Thank you so MUCH...... Wishing you MERRY XMAS & A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR in Advance. 

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